Marine Fuel Kefalonia

Marine Fuel Kefalonia is an experienced leader in the delivery of high quality fuel and lubricant products, and has accumulated over 25 years of professional and reliable service to our customers.

After several years working with EL Petrol, our company made a contract with ETEKA S.A which is a top quality company in fuel industry.

Spyros Minetos was a merchant navy engineering officer, with many years of experience. Suppling speed boats and yachts is his profession for several years with great success.

Marine Fuel Kefalonia provides timely fuel deliveries all over the island seven days a week. Marine Fuel Kefalonia mobile fuel delivery fleet supplies all applications for your refueling needs. 

Deliveries are performed on a 24/7 basis and are completely FREE of charge.

The Marine Fuel Kefalonia fleet is always on the road ready to serve you.

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